10 Reasons to Cut the Cord that are NOT about Saving Dollars

Gone are those days when cable held supreme and nobody dared to challenge it. Things have changed now and people have seen a lot of reasons to ditch the cable. We want to consider good reasons to cut the cord. These reasons are not initiated by the desire to save some bucks. Some of the reasons apart from saving dollars off your monthly entertainment bill are:

1. Awesome programs

 Most of these streaming providers have awesome programs that are very educating and attractive.  These programs are not even on cable which is a minus for cable TV or satellite.  Some example of original programming include:

  • Transparent by Amazon
  • Behind the Mask by Hulu
  • House of Cards by Netflix

2. Better range of choice

It is known that you can subscribe to many streaming services without digging spending more than your budget. What most people do not know is that you can also decide which service to use and when.  For instance, if you are subscribed to Hulu now and you feel that Netflix has better programs, ditch Hulu and go for Netflix and vice versa. That is very possible with streaming services.

Another thing is that you can even select the programs that you want to watch on a particular service.  If you find a program to be boring or not educating enough for you, you can delete it immediately and you don’t have to worry yourself about auto renewal.

3. Free trial

With the avalanche of streaming companies around, deciding which one to go for may pose a big challenge. Fortunately enough, these companies help subscribers to decide by giving them free trials.  These trials will help you to check the programs offered by different companies. You can then make your decision based on your personal assessment of the companies. You can check out the free trials by these companies.

  1. HBO Now: One month
  2. Netflix: One month
  3. Sling TV: 7 days

4. Connection problem

If you are subscribed to cable, the location of the TV will be a major challenge. You will have to consider other stuffs that will fight for a space with the TV.  With this, there will always be the problem of the best way to handle the connection problem without creating another problem. If you have to deal with this problem, you are in for a shocker if you are not a skilled technician. Added to that is the problem of poor weather. The big dish that will be mounted on the roof is another problem associated with this.

If you have a smart TV and some boxes that can be used to effectively stream, you can do whatever you like with a power outlet and a good broadband. If you have Wi-Fi connection, you can put your TV practically anywhere in the house. Cable services do not offer such luxury.

5. Transparency

Cable service providers are highly short of being transparent. They have a lot of hidden tactics and they use these to lure potential customers into committing themselves to them. On the other hand, streaming services will give you a detailed analysis and explanation on any changes that they want to make. They will even go to the extent of notifying you in advance. The transparency of streaming service providers gives them an edge over conventional cable service providers who are the masters of secrecy.

6. Reduced commercials

Cable programs are laced with time-wasting commercials. On an average, a child will see about 16,000 commercials in a year. While there are no side effects of watching commercials, it definitely affects some of the activities of children.  By cutting cord, you will drastically reduce the amount of commercials that your children are exposed to on a daily basis. Apart from the children, a program that is supposed to be aired for just two hours may extend to 3 hours due to the series of commercials that will be shown. This wastes viewers’ time.

7. Watching time reduced

Either consciously or unconsciously, we sometimes switch on the TV just for it to continue playing in the background. This is common among those who are using cable.  They also have the custom of watching reruns of past programs just because the cable is showing them. Most of the times, these programs are time wasters. Why should one watch a rerun of an old program several times?  It is because they are available there on the cable.  With streaming, however, you watch what you want to watch and when you want to watch it.

8. Easy accessibility to programs

One of the annoying things about cable programs is the need to search through a list of unwanted programs to look for a particular program that you want to watch. Most of the times, you find it inconvenient to do so. With streaming, you can easily get any program that you want to watch at any time. This saves you from the embarrassment of scrolling up and down and gives you easier access to your programs.

9. More Options

When Netflix came up with streaming a couple of years ago, it was a lonely soldier among enemies. Today, there are a lot of players coming into the game. With names like Hulu and Amazon Prime already joining Netflix, there are better options. Recent events show that other companies like CBS, Sony, HBO and Apple are interested in it too. This will give viewers a wide range of options to choose from. This will break the monopoly of cable services and any other providers who may want to exploit and extort subscribers.

10. Easier than ever

Some years ago, cutting cord seemed to be a difficult and risky decision. This is because cable TV was the undisputed king. Nowadays, it has become very easy. This is due to the availability of many options in the field of streaming.  The usual fear that was present in those years have been gradually but successfully eliminated. Therefore, it is now easier to cut cord than ever before.

So there you have it, 10 reasons why you should cut loose of your cable company even if you do not believe that cord cutting can help in saving dollars off your monthly entertainment list.


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