Things to Consider Before you Cut the Cord: 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid Of Cable TV

Cable TV is an immensely popular pay TV option across the USA. However, many more options are no available. Here are reasons why you should get rid of the Cable TV

  1. You can stream live TV

Cable TV made sense internet was no so fast, and the charges were high. Nowadays, you just need the streaming equipment and a streaming service to watch TV.

  1. There are massive savings

Cable prices are rising more than ever. On the other hand, streaming services are much cheaper. You will also be getting rid of several other hidden costs by cutting the cable.

  1. There is lots of content elsewhere

There is lots of available content online. You can watch your favorite sports online. NBA, NHL, and MLB have streaming services for their individual leagues.

  1. Pay for what you watch

The cable TV makes you pay for a whole bunch of content that you do not watch. There are alternatives such as Apple TV, Netflix, and Amazon Fire that lets you pay for what you watch.

  1. Contracts suck

Contracts really suck. Cable companies will lock you in with useless contracts once you get in. Many other companies would let you go when you need to without any hidden costs.

  1. Get rid of the annoying commercials

The cable TV is full of annoying commercials. On average, you child will have watched about 16,000 commercials in a year. Deal with it by doing away with the cable.

  1. Take advantage of free streaming services

If you are not sure of the streaming service to pick, why don’t you subscribe for the free streaming for a limited period? HBO Now, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Sling TV have free offers.

  1. Deal with the passive watching crap

Cable TV makes you watch so much TV than you should just because you can watch a rerun or play in the background. With streaming, you only hit the play button when you need to watch not passively.

  1. Steaming is legal

Many people tend to think that streaming is illegal. While there are illegal streaming sites, many sites are legit.

  1. Get great original programming

Most of the new TV streaming services have many great original TV shows that you should not miss and that cannot be found anywhere else. Programs like the House of Cards, The Alpha House, Transparent, and Behind the Mask are great original shows on streaming services.


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