Cut the Cord Step-by-step Guide

Cutting the cord isn’t for the millennial alone any longer if indeed the recent data is to be believed. Apparently, the many alternatives to cable television are cheaper and deliver higher quality images, of course, not to mention that they are devoid of those horrible customer service representatives. Cutting the cord means no more paying for what you don’t watch, and it is surprisingly easy to do it.

If your regular internet speed is higher than 10mbps and you can manage as little as $20 per month, then you are good to go. Streaming and the many mushrooming streaming devices are poised to change the future of television forever. If you are wondering how to cut the cord, the following step-by-step procedure will just serve to highlight the ease of doing it.

  1. The first step is choosing the most appropriate Streaming Service

Sling TV is perhaps the most popular as it is cheaper than the rest and has more than 20 TV channels to choose from. Vue is equally lucrative with the most expensive plan costing a little over $40 per month, but with over 100 TV channels. Amazon Prime Instant Video is yet another one with some even juicier classics including HBO. You can still opt for Hulu and Netflix as they are other cheaper and accessible choices. While they all offer some periods of free trials, by the end of those days, you will have presumably made up your mind.

  1. Choose your Device

What device will you be using to stream? Whether it will be Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV or Apple TV, you are solely responsible for one. With offers and their corresponding popularity, however, it is quite hard to make a wrong decision.

  1. Have you any Antenna yet?

As a cord-cutter, an antenna is implausibly a must-have if you would like to experience many of the best and favorite TV channels. There are tons of recommendations to help find one for your area although getting a mid-priced one is perhaps the perfect deal. Remember, choosing one is mandatory while making the right choice is worth years of seamless streaming.

  1. Take a week or more getting familiar with the services

It seems like almost all the streaming service providers knew that although time to ditch the cable TV was right, people needed a week or more to get used to the new, trendy style. Before you unplug that cable, take your time using the 7-day trial period to get used to the new experience. It might take you a little bit longer to locate your favorite TV channels or better yet that great TV show, although you will eventually find it.

Apparently, cutting the cord is a no-brainer; it requires no special expertise. Additionally, all of it can be done in a matter of hours if you have assembled everything required for it. Don’t forget to call your cable TV company notifying them that you will be forfeiting their services; it is ethical. Meanwhile, keep researching the internet for more ways of enhancing your streaming experience.


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