PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, and HBO Streaming – Which Way To Cut The Cord?

For anyone fed up with Cable TV and all the hassles that come with it, here’s the best solution so far; streaming videos and the live television.

While streaming seem the way to go and perhaps the only route that can rival and equally outshine the traditional and outdated cable TV, there has never been such a perfect time to cut the cord. In fact, the most recent revelation that getting rid of Cable TV is as easy as streaming the internet buoyed by the availability of many once-cable exclusive channels, time is indeed right for it. As expected, cable television subscription continues to dwindle though many will say it isn’t a shocker.

Streaming videos and live tv comes with tons of benefits including capitalizing on the flaws of Cable TV. of course, it is devoid of dealing with the nasty and often problematic customer service reps who know nothing, but to belittle you. Additionally, cutting cable TV usage is quite cheap, fast and is a no-strings-attached affair. You may have heard of DIRECTV and its collaboration with many reputable telecommunication firms.

Sling Tv, Playstation Vue, and HBO Streaming at a glance

  • Sling TV is barely a year and a half old, but its usage is on a steady rise thanks to the $20 per month cost of subscription whether you choose the “single-stream” plan, the “multi-stream” bundle, or the cheaper ones that cost as little as $5 per month. PlayStation Vue is there to offer a choice, albeit it’s equally complicated. It is quite expensive compared to Sling TV, but packs up more television channels too, including those that Sling TV do not offer.
  • Almost similar to the two, HBO Streaming is growing in popularity since its breakaway from being a cable TV-only affair. Although all the three serve as the best reasons to ditch the cable, which one should you choose?
  • Price wise, you will go for Sling TV as it costs just $20 per month if you choose the most expensive plan. As per some data, the most expensive plan on Playstation Vue costs $45 although it consists of over 100 TV channels.
  • Major networks – ABC, NBC, FOX, etc. – are found in Playstation Vue more than on Sling TV and in overall, it also has more channels.
  • The subscription type for both is a monthly one with no contracts. However, they all offer a 7-day free trial period.
  • Video on demand is available on Playstation Vue only although it still packs up Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward, what Sling TV lacks.
  • Streaming in all three is excellent although most of the commonly used streaming devices tend to be selective. You will particularly love Playstation Vue because it can allow up to five different users to stream using a single account.

Whether it is Vue or Sling TV for HBO streaming, you can relax and enjoy some crisp images depending on your internet speed. Apple TV is on its way, meaning that cutting the cord is a matter of “when” and not”if” any longer. Before you choose to let go, however, proper research is vital.




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