Popular Digital TV Channels that you can watch without Cable or Internet Service

The Cable TV can make a serious dent on your pocket. The internet TV service may also do the same and give you poor quality TV especially if you have bandwidth and speed problems with your internet. Luckily, there a whole lot of Free to Air TV channels that you can access without both the Cable and the Internet service. The all-HD platform allows you to receive HD Digital TV with your antenna free.

There are over 50 national broadcasting channels.  Here are some popular digital TV channels:

American Broadcasting Company

Walt Disney Company owns ABC TV. It airs original programming, news, and sports every day of the week. It owns over 200 locally operated affiliate stations that air local content.

Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)

It is the second largest television network and most watched TV network. Like ABC, it also has over 200 affiliate stations that air local newscasts. The TV started its transmissions in 1941.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

This is the oldest and the largest commercial TV network. The TV is owned by NBCUniversal and airs sports, news, and original programming seven days a week. It also has several affiliate stations that serve different areas with local content. Many of the affiliates air local newscasts.

Fox Broadcasting Company

Fox started broadcasting in1986 and grew to become the fourth largest TV in the USA. It is owned by 21st Century Fox studio. It airs sports and first-run programming every day of the week. It programs 2 hours every night in primetime, an infomercial (which is optional) as well as a political talk program. It also has a little less than 200 affiliate channels that air local content in areas they are located.

The CW

The CW is owned by Time Warner and CBS Corporation. It came into being after the closing of UPN and WB. The CW has over a 100 affiliate stations that air local and national newscasts in their respective markets. The CW also has about 90 cable TV sub-channels through the CW Plus newsfeed.

 My Network TV

This TV channel is also owned by 21st Century Fox. It Provides programming for stations that were left out after the closure of WB and UPN in 2006. My Network TV has 2-hour prime time programming as well as reruns of the movie serious that have originated from other broadcasting networks.

Other popular digital TV channels include Me-TV, This TV, and Ion Television all of which are national broadcasters and have local affiliates.



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